As expert designers and installers of mechanical, plumbing and HVAC systems, Stanger is ideally suited to provide a full range of maintenance and repair services for these systems. Monthly, quarterly, seasonal or annual Service Plans are structured to align with your facility’s specific needs.

24/7 Service

Stanger’s certified staff of in-house field technicians are available around the clock for daily maintenance and emergency repairs, to ensure your company’s uninterrupted productivity. Stanger technicians are available 24/7, so that you can keep your facility in operation.

Preventive maintenance

Stanger’s daily contact as a maintenance provider plays a vital role in ensuring day-to-day optimization of your company’s resources. Through intimate knowledge of your company’s infrastructure, the Stanger team eliminates potential problems before they arise, helping your company maintain progress, productivity and profitability.

Emergency Services

Sometimes, unexpected things happen.  And when they do, we have the technicians and the emergency repair equipment available to get your facility back in operation quickly.  Our emergency response is second to none.