Safety is more than a program, it’s a priority

February 8th, 2011 |  stanger
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Simply put, we must ensure the safety of our workers at all costs.  Our skilled employees are just too valuable and we must do everything possible to maintain a safe working environment on every jobsite.  Safety doesn’t happen by “accident”.  It takes commitment and planning to make safety a Top Priority.

Our Commitment to Safety includes:

  • In-house Safety Manager – Our Safety Manager regularly visits each of our projects to conduct safety inspections and ensure compliance with all regulations.
  • Site Specific Safety Plan We develop a Site Specific Safety Plan for every project.  Every job is different, and we evaluate the risks posed on every site so we can plan for safety before commencing any of the work activities.
  • Personal Protective Equipment– Every Stanger employee is required to use the appropriate personal protective equipment while performing their assigned tasks.
  • Incentive-based Safety Program – We have developed an incentive-based Safety Program whereas employees can earn credits by working safely and attending monthly safety meetings.  The credits can be redeemed for boots, tools, and other valuable items.
  • Third-party Safety Consultant– We also engage a third-party consultant to regularly visit our jobsites for the purpose of evaluating the effectiveness of our safety program.


Spring Safety Topic:     How Much Are Your Eyes Worth?

Have you ever considered how much are your eyes worth?  How would your life change with impared vision, or worse yet, with no vision at all? 

Eye injuries top the list of work related injuries every year.  Safety glasses, goggles, and face shields can prevent eye injuries, but they aren’t effective unless they are worn consistently.  Good quality comfortable safety glasses are a must on every job site.  Just having a pair of safety glasses in the gang box doesn’t cut it… WEAR THEM.