Precision Performance through Project Planning

All Stanger employees have extensive experience working inside operational buildings.  Renovating mechanical systems during occupancy can be challenging, but our team of professionals has the expertise to get the job done with minimal interruption.  We provide Precision Performance through precise project planning procedures:

  • Coordination with customers’ staff to get a realistic understanding of the daily activity and needs of the organization prior to beginning any work.
  • Flexibility in accommodating and working within the confines of existing building operations.
  • Hundreds of successful projects within occupied facilities gives Stanger the ability to foresee and overcome potential problems.
  • Development of a highly detailed and coordinated schedule that is agreed upon by the owner and the project team.
  • Management of large crews in small time periods to maintain aggressive schedules.
  • Ability to minimize potential negative aspects of construction through noise reduction techniques, dust collection and meticulous daily clean-up.