New Construction

Whether working with a General Contractor on a construction team or directly with the company owner, Stanger’s Precision Performance philosophy is evident in their day to day operations:

Precision through Teamwork

Stanger believes in working as a cohesive team to meet the standard of excellence that is expected internally, as well as by customers.

Precision through Project Coordination

As a one stop shop for all of your mechanical needs, Stanger’s in-house team of HVAC and plumbing experts provide precise control over the construction process, based on your facility requirements. By managing every phase of the process, Stanger has the flexibility to make any necessary adjustments to keep your project on schedule.

Precision through Communication

Drawing on experience from a vast portfolio of completed projects, Stanger professionals have the unique ability to foresee issues and address concerns with their clients prior to ever starting a project. From the top down, Stanger’s team of experts understand the importance of talking openly with their customers, to fully understand each unique project.

Precision through Sustainability

Responding to market demand for environmentally responsible projects, Stanger is committed to sustainability. Each team of HVAC and plumbing experts will help you select the most energy efficient system for your company’s immediate and future needs.

Precision through Attention to Detail

Stanger’s team takes pride in the ability to see the “Big Picture” without losing sight of the small details.  Committed to doing things the right way, even when it’s not the easy way, Stanger strives for a standard of excellence on each and every project. That’s Precision Performance.