General Services Administration Chiller System Replacement

Neal Smith Federal Building

Stanger Industries was selected as the Contractor to install four (4) 225 ton water cooled chillers in the Des Moines Federal Building. McQuay provided four frictionless type compressor machines to meet or exceed the energy performance and sound criteria. The only access for the new chillers was down through a small existing “areaway”.

The new chillers required field dis-assembly of numerous components to allow the new machines to fit properly through the access opening. After all the hoisting of the equipment was completed, McQuay technicians re-assembled, tested and performed factory start-up of the new chillers. During the construction process the GSA/Stanger team determined the existing cooling towers needed to be upgraded. Stanger negotiated a change order to replace the existing 50 hp motors, align and test the cooling towers. After all the chillers, pumps and hydronic equipment was installed the system was completely re-insulated and the entire Mechanical Room was re-painted. As the photos indicate, this installation is a “show-case” for a professional Mechanical installation.

The new chiller system included:

  • Four McQuay Frictionless Chillers
  • Six B & G Pumps
  • Upgrade Electrical Systems
  • New Chiller Energy Management
  • Upgraded Refrigerant Monitor
  • New Chiller Relief Vents
  • Cooling Tower Modifications