Frank Carlson Federal Building

Topeka, Kansas

The project consisted of removing and replacing the chilled water equipment for the Federal Building in Topeka. This project was very difficult to complete due to the heightened security in the facility, and the need to perform a major renovation in and around the Federal Court rooms.

This project included the installation of:

  • two 190-ton screw chillers
  • one cooling tower
  • pumps
  • a refrigerant monitoring system
  • variable frequency drives.

A major challenge was replacing the existing cooling tower on top of the five-story structure due to restrictions from hoisting and rigging around the facility. The only means of completing this portion of the project was to block part of an adjacent street until the equipment could be lifted into place. An additional major challenge was that since it was an occupied facility, the existing air conditioning had to remain in operation until the new system was in place and able to undergo start-up. Minimum down-time was required and intensive scheduling was prepared for the switch-over to the new chilled water system. Daily coordination was required with the Federal Government to ensure that the construction activities did not interfere with court proceedings.